How To Boost Your Milk Supply

Happy Monday friends! And happy #worldbreastfeedingweek!

First and foremost, I want to reassure everyone reading that I whole heartedly believe that #fedisbest, and have NO intension of shaming women who can’t or don’t choose to breastfeed their babies. The motherhood community can be so judgmental towards people who don’t choose to parent the same way that they do. Which is so sad. Motherhood is tough enough as it is, so let’s uplift each other and share knowledge instead of passing judgement ❤️ In honor of #worldbreastfeedingweek, I wanted to share some tips and habits I’ve developed that have helped me boost my milk supply and continue breastfeeding for as long as I have! (Also including a great healthy, vegan lactation cookie recipe!)

I feel so lucky that I am still able to breastfeed my daughter after over 6 months. I knew when I was pregnant that this was something I wanted to work at, no matter how hard it might be. My supply was great at first, but around 2 months after Riley was born, I was about to head home to Vegas from my husband’s spring training in Florida. For those who don’t know what spring training is like- it’s not glamorous. Nick had to be at the field every day at 6 to start training, which meant Riley and I had to wake up at 5:30 to take him there since we only had one car. Training pretty much lasted all day and then we would have dinner, go to bed, and do it all again the next day. Riley was still so young during spring training, so she wasn’t sleeping through the night. After over a month of hardly any sleep, it definitely caught up to me.

After I got home, I had gotten a cold, and was hardly producing any milk. I had mainly been pumping to try and monitor the amount of milk Riley was getting (she had a spit up issue) and was only pumping about 2 ounces every 2 hours. I was so scared I would have to stop breastfeeding, so I started researching like crazy!

Here is what I started to do, which ultimately brought my milk supply back completely and even stronger!

    Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
    Water. Water. Water. (I drank almost a gallon a day)
    Change your diet (I incorporated lots of oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, healthy fats like olive oil and peanut butter, spinach, salmon, and brown rice.)
    Make sure you are eating ENOUGH. Your baby weight will come off eventually, work on nourishing your body so it can provide the same nutrients for your babe!
    Add debittered brewers yeast to anything you can! (Smoothies, cookies, etc)
    Drink Mother’s milk tea
    Cut out caffeine
    Try to destress as much as possible
    If you can, pump less, breastfeed more! If possible, try and take a full day of “nursing vacation” where you feed from your breast all day.
    Skin to skin contact while breastfeeding!

Hope these tips help any breastfeeding mommas! Below I am including a recipe for a healthier (and more effective) version of lactation cookies!

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My Diaper Bag Must Haves!

IMG_4507IMG_1050Okay mommies! I was completely clueless of what I needed to pack in my diaper bag at first, so I wanted to share a list of my favorite baby products that I currently have in mine!

  • Extra outfit- (onesie, pants, socks)
  • Breast pads (if you are breastfeeding)
  • Milk snob carseat cover (doubles as a cart cover and nursing cover)
  • Burp cloths- SO many burp cloths haha
  • Tommy tippee newborn bottles with anti-colic nipples
  • Avent soothe pacifiers
  • Wubbanub pacifier (Literally a lifesaver! Riley falls asleep cuddling hers every night. We cannot go anywhere without one. They’re becoming collectors items at this point!)
  • Musical pull toy
  • Ziploc bags- Super useful for so many reasons! Mine came in handy when I had to change my daughter and didn’t have anywhere to throw away the diaper and wipes.
  • Boogie wipes- Great for cleaning your baby’s face
  • Huggies swaddlers- Definitely Riley’s favorite diaper. So soft!
  • Huggies fragrance free, alcohol free wipes
  • Skip Hop changing station
  • Skip Hop portable soother- Nick’s teammate gifted this to us and we have been putting it on Riley’s carseat when she fusses. It mimics the sound of the womb so it’s super comforting for her!
  • Cloth book or other sensory play materials when they get old enough


I’ve also been getting a lot of questions about the two diaper bags I have- One is a backpack and one is a leather tote. The backpack is by Skip Hop and it’s the Greenwich Super Chic in Tan. The tote I carry is Frankie Cameron Collection! Both are great quality and have tons of space- I really just choose depending on whatever I’m feeling that day!

Keep in mind that the younger your baby, the more you’ll need to bring with you. Hope this list helps some new mommies!



Monday Blues


Happy Monday friends!

I am definitely feeling the Monday blues in more ways than one today! I’m snuggled in my house getting all of my tax documents prepared for my appointment tomorrow-yuck! Anyone else self-employed and DREAD tax day? Not to mention it is windy as hell outside and I think if I tried to leave the house today I might actually get blown away. Luckily I have this cute shoot with my favorite girl to cheer me up! I loved the moody feel of this shoot. Also, notice that my coffee mug matches my outfit- that’s how you know you really got it together… kidding!

Vegas weather has been so back and forth lately. Sunny and beautiful one day- basically a tornado the next- so I’ve been loving layering a cute jacket to be on the safe side. (I am ALWAYS cold) I also love the look of jean shorts with heeled booties. I think it can make your legs look so much more toned than they actually are! (I need all the help I can get right now considering I haven’t worked out since I found out I was pregnant, and Riley is almost 3 months! A nice tan wouldn’t hurt either, but one thing at a time people!)




I am loving how animated Riley is getting! I love watching her smile as she recognizes my face, and make little cooing noises when she hears my voice! We are definitely besties and I am cherishing every moment like this before she becomes a teenager and is totally embarrassed by me! Ha!








Outfit details are:


  • Shirt- Windsor
  • Jacket- Forever21
  • Hat- Lack of Color
  • Shorts- Furst of a Kind
  • Booties- I honestly have no clue but I bought them on Amazon!
  • Sunnies- Ray Ban


  • Onesie- Nordstrom
  • Overall Dress- Old Navy
  • Bow- Baby Bling



A Very 70’s Spring

My life has been absolutely crazy lately-I have been away for spring training in Florida with my family, (we left when my baby girl was just 3 weeks old!) but I am finally back in Vegas and getting back to business! I am so excited to finally be writing about some of my favorite pieces for spring, and to be featured on Le Blog on Molly Green! IMG_1014

Anyone who knows me knows I love anything with a little 70’s vibe- fashion, music, hair, etc. I’ve always said I should have lived my 20’s in the late 60’s- early 70’s. Woodstock, anyone?  I love to pull from different influences, and dress with my mood. For example, I’m always listening to lots of acoustic, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan-ish music (I have Dylan lyrics tattooed on my forearm), so I’ve been incorporating that vibe into my wardrobe – dreamy prints, flowy sleeves, oversized jackets, hats, you get the idea. When spring rolls around, I feel like I’m really able to experiment and step out of the box with my wardrobe, rather than just dressing to be warm and cozy in the winter. I can play around with brighter colors and patterns and necklines, and of course break out my go-to high waisted jean shorts.


I started following Molly Green a while ago, and have always loved how they incorporate staple pieces with more fun, trendy pieces. I especially love their price points! SO reasonable for extremely good quality items! Music to my blogger ears. I recently fell in LOVE with their Neha top and Colin jacket, and knew I had to have them. I love the Neha top because it has the cutest cropped shape, with ruffled sleeves and the sweetest floral pattern. It is the ultimate spring blouse. When I wear more feminine pieces like the Neha top, I love to pair them with super simple almost tomboyish counterparts. I never want a look to feel too girly- it’s just not my style. I like to feel a little unpolished, while still feeling styled. I chose to pair it with some simple “mom” jeans, a messy top knot, gold hoop earrings, my simple gold jewelry I never take off, and a hair scarf. I also threw on my Jam Sunnies by Molly Green.


IMG_1015I am such a sucker for anything corduroy (Anyone else have the HARDEST time spelling that word?). I also love pieces that can easily transition from fall, to winter, and then spring! (Definitely not summer, because Vegas is hot af.) The Colin Jacket is quickly becoming one of my closet staples. It’s tan and cropped, with long drop sleeves. I love that the sleeves are so long, because I am super tall, and I think it makes this jacket look so cozy and boho. I chose to pair it with my a plaid peplum top, my vintage denim shorts, and gold mules. Safe to say I will be rocking these two pieces all spring long!




Postpartum Intimates

Hi new mommies!

I wanted to share a few items I’ve been loving after having Riley! Adjusting to breastfeeding and all of the uncomfortable things that happen downstairs and to your tummy after giving birth can be hard, but I’ve found that having the right nursing bra and shape wear can make all the difference. These two staples have been my go-tos and have made nursing and recovery so comfortable! Watch the video for more deets!

  • Nursing bra- You! Lingerie
  • Leggings- Preggo Leggings

Hope y’all enjoy!



Heart Shaped and Full of Love

View More: More: my husband and I decide to do something, we don’t like to waste our time. We moved in together quickly, were engaged after six months, and trying for a baby within the next six. So it’s no surprise that we became pregnant on the first try! You can imagine our joy finding out that we were expecting a child, as we both wanted to be parents for as long as we can remember. 

Before I finally found out I was pregnant, I had taken multiple tests, which all came out negative. I was so disappointed, but also knew that something different was going on in my body. (I truly believe that MOST women have an intuition about being pregnant.) My primary care doctor ordered an ultrasound after my tests came out negative so she could rule out the possibility of ovarian cysts. After waiting for the results of that ultrasound (they took about 3 weeks, ugh!) I got impatient and went to the hospital. I was feeling so light headed and feeling lots of pain in my lower abs. After waiting for about an hour in the ER there, the doctor finally came in and diagnosed me with “benign positional vertigo.” I was feeling so defeated as she flipped to the next page of my release papers, “You know you’re 5 weeks pregnant right?” I burst into tears. I immediately facetimed Nick who was patiently waiting for my diagnosis from across the country. We were both so ecstatic and immediately began talking names, sports, schools, etc. 

A few days later, I was able to pick up my results of my ultrasound from the imaging offices. They included a paper that explained my results. 

  1. possible gestational sac (BABY!)
  2. possible bicornuate uterus (HUH?)

Of course I started googling right away, which is never the right thing to do in a medical situation, but found out some helpful information and hundreds of stories of miscarraiges and infertility. Basically, a normal uterus is oval shaped, while my bicornuate uterus is heart shaped. Cute right? Not really. In some cases, the uterus will stretch to a normal oval shape, but in others, the uterus leaves little room for the baby to grow, often times causing miscarriage or premature birth. You can imagine my fear reading these stories. I felt so inadequate. But Nick never gave up hope and stayed so positive.

As my pregnancy went by, I felt so connected to my baby from the very beginning. Every single time I heard her little heart beating, it was like music to my ears. I remember praying constantly throughout the day for a healthy baby and researching the best vitamins, foods, etc. to give her everything she needs. Each week that passed was a huge victory in my book. Though many women with bicornuate uterus’ deliver prematurely, the weeks kept flying by… 14…18…20…30…now almost 39 weeks! We are so thankful every day for the gift of our little baby girl who is so eager to be in the world and  has already taken up all of the space in our HEARTS. 



Riley’s Boho Nursery




I am so excited to share some photos of Riley’s nursery! Nick and I wanted her decor to be calm and peaceful, and a little different than the traditional girl nursery. Some of the pieces in her room were handmade by one of my closest friends, Erika, who threw my shower, but I will do my best to share where I purchased the rest! 

  • Crib, Recliner, Dresser, 4 quadrant shelf – Babies “R” Us
  • Pink Ottoman- Target
  • Teepee- Walmart online
  • Decorative pillows and teepee rug- At Home
  • Curtains- At Home
  • Rug- Target
  • Lamp- Target
  • Collage wall- Joanne’s, At Home, Kirkland’s
  • Crib sheets and changing table pad- Buy Buy Baby
  • Crib runner and quilt- Pottery Barn Kids

Mobile, woven tapestry, and dream catcher (not pictures) are all handmade! 

Fun Fact- I bought the “all because two people fell in love” sign for our wedding when we were planning to have a large one. I think it looks a million times cuter in our baby girl’s room! 



You Sure Those Will Fit Overall Of That Bump?


I am so excited to share my first blog post with ya’ll! I absolutely love layering. I think it is the key to dressing for your body and really showing off your personal style. I also have been obsessed with overalls during pregnancy because I feel like they look so cute with a little (or in my case ready to pop) bump! I’ve been wearing my pre-pregnancy overalls, because they fit me better once my belly grew and they got tighter! Ha! I really had never thought to put a cardigan on top of them until I was running out of the house and got a bit cold! I actually loved the way it looked. I chose to style them with my Jack Purcell’s, a striped tee for a little pop of pattern and a pink bag for a little bit of contrasting color. Hope this inspires you pregnant mammas who are having a hard time getting dressed! (I know I do sometimes!)

  • Overalls- Free People
  • Shoes- Converse Jack Purcell
  • Cardigan- H&M
  • Bag-Rebecca Minkoff