Monday Blues


Happy Monday friends!

I am definitely feeling the Monday blues in more ways than one today! I’m snuggled in my house getting all of my tax documents prepared for my appointment tomorrow-yuck! Anyone else self-employed and DREAD tax day? Not to mention it is windy as hell outside and I think if I tried to leave the house today I might actually get blown away. Luckily I have this cute shoot with my favorite girl to cheer me up! I loved the moody feel of this shoot. Also, notice that my coffee mug matches my outfit- that’s how you know you really got it together… kidding!

Vegas weather has been so back and forth lately. Sunny and beautiful one day- basically a tornado the next- so I’ve been loving layering a cute jacket to be on the safe side. (I am ALWAYS cold) I also love the look of jean shorts with heeled booties. I think it can make your legs look so much more toned than they actually are! (I need all the help I can get right now considering I haven’t worked out since I found out I was pregnant, and Riley is almost 3 months! A nice tan wouldn’t hurt either, but one thing at a time people!)




I am loving how animated Riley is getting! I love watching her smile as she recognizes my face, and make little cooing noises when she hears my voice! We are definitely besties and I am cherishing every moment like this before she becomes a teenager and is totally embarrassed by me! Ha!








Outfit details are:


  • Shirt- Windsor
  • Jacket- Forever21
  • Hat- Lack of Color
  • Shorts- Furst of a Kind
  • Booties- I honestly have no clue but I bought them on Amazon!
  • Sunnies- Ray Ban


  • Onesie- Nordstrom
  • Overall Dress- Old Navy
  • Bow- Baby Bling



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