About Me




Hi! I’m Cass Rickles. I wanted to give a little background on myself and how I got to be where I am today! (Bear with me, because this kind of feels like that awkward moment when someone asks you what you do for fun and suddenly you are the lamest human being on the planet) I am 25, a Vegas native, hairstylist, and married to my best friend with a healthy baby girl on the way! I’m an only child, and a bit of a creative, adventurous soul, as well as a homebody. (Hey, I love Netflix and a cozy bed as much as the next person) I grew up around music and art, as my dad is a musician and traveled with two famous bands for most of my childhood. Because of this, I definitely was never into sports- but we’ll get to that later. I mention that I’m a bit adventurous and spontaneous because if it weren’t for two slightly crazy decisions I’ve made in my life, I wouldn’t have my career or my husband!

I moved to Los Angeles on a whim when I was 20, to further pursue modeling and acting, which was what I was doing in Vegas. I started doing hair because of how expensive LA was- I wanted some extra income to be able to live there. During hair school, I completely fell in LOVE with the beauty industry, and that became my main focus. Fast forward three years of assisting stylists in LA and barely being able to pay my rent, I finally chose to move back to Vegas and start my career as an independent stylist! About a year after being back in Vegas, I came across a picture of Nick, my husband, on Instagram, and liked his photo. He had a lot of followers, so I didn’t think he would notice me, but a few minutes later, I got a DM from him with an extremely corny pick-up line…obviously it worked, because I flew across the country to meet him 11 days later. I remember getting on the plane and downing two glasses of wine immediately because I was so nervous! That trip wasperfect though, and we were inseparable since the second we met. We even said, “I love you” the second day I was there. I know, crazy right? Never in my life did I think I would marry a professional athlete, but thus began by journey with being a baseball girlfriend, then fiance, and now wife!

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a “fashion” blog for a few years now, but it never really came to fruition. After doing my fair share of Instagram stalking (my husband hates this) on all of my favorite girl crushes, I realized one thing- us Target loving, Marshall’s and Ross shopping, discount loving girls who sometimes struggle to put outfits together, and do a little happy dance when they turn out, need a platform to share knowledge, ideas, inspo, etc!

As you now know, I am over 9 months pregnant, so fashion is definitely a struggle at the moment. (It’s not easy getting dressed when you need your husband’s help tying your shoes) BUT, I feel I am at the perfect starting point to begin sharing my life with ya’ll.

I am a week away from the start of my maternity leave, 3 weeks away from my due date, and 6 weeks away from my husband leaving for spring training with the Philadelphia Phillies! Our life is about to get VERY crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Stay tuned and subscribe for fashion ideas, brutally honest mommy moments and favorite baby products, hairstyling tutorials,and stories about the not- so- glamorous side of being a baseball wife!