Postpartum Intimates

Hi new mommies!

I wanted to share a few items I’ve been loving after having Riley! Adjusting to breastfeeding and all of the uncomfortable things that happen downstairs and to your tummy after giving birth can be hard, but I’ve found that having the right nursing bra and shape wear can make all the difference. These two staples have been my go-tos and have made nursing and recovery so comfortable! Watch the video for more deets!

  • Nursing bra- You! Lingerie
  • Leggings- Preggo Leggings

Hope y’all enjoy!




You Sure Those Will Fit Overall Of That Bump?


I am so excited to share my first blog post with ya’ll! I absolutely love layering. I think it is the key to dressing for your body and really showing off your personal style. I also have been obsessed with overalls during pregnancy because I feel like they look so cute with a little (or in my case ready to pop) bump! I’ve been wearing my pre-pregnancy overalls, because they fit me better once my belly grew and they got tighter! Ha! I really had never thought to put a cardigan on top of them until I was running out of the house and got a bit cold! I actually loved the way it looked. I chose to style them with my Jack Purcell’s, a striped tee for a little pop of pattern and a pink bag for a little bit of contrasting color. Hope this inspires you pregnant mammas who are having a hard time getting dressed! (I know I do sometimes!)

  • Overalls- Free People
  • Shoes- Converse Jack Purcell
  • Cardigan- H&M
  • Bag-Rebecca Minkoff