You Sure Those Will Fit Overall Of That Bump?


I am so excited to share my first blog post with ya’ll! I absolutely love layering. I think it is the key to dressing for your body and really showing off your personal style. I also have been obsessed with overalls during pregnancy because I feel like they look so cute with a little (or in my case ready to pop) bump! I’ve been wearing my pre-pregnancy overalls, because they fit me better once my belly grew and they got tighter! Ha! I really had never thought to put a cardigan on top of them until I was running out of the house and got a bit cold! I actually loved the way it looked. I chose to style them with my Jack Purcell’s, a striped tee for a little pop of pattern and a pink bag for a little bit of contrasting color. Hope this inspires you pregnant mammas who are having a hard time getting dressed! (I know I do sometimes!)

  • Overalls- Free People
  • Shoes- Converse Jack Purcell
  • Cardigan- H&M
  • Bag-Rebecca Minkoff